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Absolutely the most fanatics in Brazil

ATLÉTICO's supporters are against violence.
Picture: Folha de SP
ATLÉTICO's fans are really important in the team's games, they encourage the team as soon as they get into the stadium and only stop after the stadium is completely empty. When the game is at the "Cauldron", it just sufocates the other teams, although never using violence but the war-cry that shakes the whole city::
The Red and Black crowd has all the public's records in Curitiba's stadiums and many others in Paraná, making obviously the number's superiority, let's see:
Stadium: Durival de Britto (Vila Capanema-paraná clube) in 1968
ATLÉTICO 3 X 2 Santos Public of 24.303
Stadium: Couto Pereira (coxas' pigsty) em 1983
ATLÉTICO 2 X 0 Flamengo Public of 65.493
Stadium: Pinheirão (Paranaense Federation) in 1995
ATLÉTICO 1 X 1 coritiba Public of 31.125
Stadium: Joaquim Américo (Baixada-ATLÉTICO) in 1996
ATLÉTICO 1 X 0 Atlético (MG) Public of 32.893
Actually the Red and Black have three organized supporters.

Raça Rubro-Negra

It's the newest. A BLACK PANTHER is their symbol.

Ultras do Atlético

It's the second biggeest. Their symbol is a red and black SCORPION, they have a big flag, with around thousand of partners and was founded in 09/18/92.
In the last brazilian championship they stay back in one of the goals at Baixada, making a lot of pressure in the adversary goalkeeper, Marcos from Palmeiras and Wágner from Botafogo suffered a lot with them.

Os Fanáticos

They are the biggest, encourage a lot times ATLÉTICO when it wasn't winning . They also have a big flag and around 12 thousand partners, being the biggest of all south of Brazil. There are an female organized named "Pelotão Feminino", with many beautiful girls in the stadium!
Was founded in 10/24/77. Their symbol is a white SKULL and they are seat at: Rua Pedro A. Mena Barreto , 571; Caixa Postal 15006; CEP 80.531-970.
Red and Black crowd musicals
Supporters Pictures

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