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The Devil's Cauldron

The Stadium Joaquim Américo, also know as Baixada, is the atleticans' cranny . The supporters stay almost inside the field, the players of others teams feel the supporters' heat, and they tremble to play in the Cauldron. The crowd is so hot that people should pay two ticktes: one to see the team and another to see the supporters! Baixada was the first field in Paraná with seats. The stadium came from Intenacional, and was inaugurated in 1916. Today Baixada is closed to structures' reforms and modernization, and will increase its capacity to 50.000 seats, under FIFA recommendations. The project forecast also space to stores, club seat, parking lots and many others things that will make Baixada the most comfortable stadium in Brazil, without losing the fame of being always the "Devil's Cauldron"! This is the preview of New Baixada:
Cauldron picture #1
Cauldron picture #2
Cauldron picture #3
Cauldron picture #4

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