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Meet the current ATLÉTICO's players

Principal Players
Flávio - Flávio Emídio dos Santos Vieira, number 1, goalkeeper, 1,86 m, 78 kg, born in Maceió (AL), in 12/17/1970. He has played in CSA-AL. Alagoano champion in 91 and 94 and Brazilian (second division) in 95.
Alberto - Alberto, number 2, right wing, 1,81m, 77 kg, born in Oliveira (MG), in 3/22/1975. He has played in Guarani-SP, Internacional from Limeira-SP, Atlético-PR and São Paulo-SP. Paulista champion (second division) in 96 (Inter). He has won the wizard "Bola de Prata" from the Placar Magazine in 1996, elected the best player in his position in Brazil. 
Reginaldo - Reginaldo Henrique Sossai, number 3, defender, 1,84 m, 80 kg, born in São Jorge do Ivaí (PR), in 12/28/1971. He has played in Paranavaí-PR, Guarani-SP and Atlético-PR. One of the players that respresent more the spirit to be an Atlético player.
Edinho Baiano - Édson Manoel do Nascimento, number 5, defender, born in Senhor do Bonfim (BA), in 6/27/1977. He has played in Vitória (BA), Joinville (SC), Palmeiras (SP) and Paraná Clube (PR). 
Dedé - Valter José Pancieri, number 6, left wing, 1,77 m, 71 kg, born in Colatina (ES), in 3/17/1969. He has played in Desportiva Ferroviária-ES, América-SP, Sport-PE, Guarani-SP, Ferroviária-SP and Sport-PE. Pernambucano Cahampion in 96 and 97 (Sport Recife). 
Wilson - Wilson Roberto dos Santos, number 4, defender and defensive midfielder, 1,89 m, 77 kg, born in São Paulo (SP), in 8/4/1975. He has played in Bragantino-SP and Lousano Paulista-SP. He is nephew from Wladimir, ex-left wing from Corinthians and Brazilian National Team. 
Nowak - Krzystof Nowak, number 7, defensive midfielder, 1,86 m, 80 kg, born in Warszawa (POL), in 9/27/1975. He has played in Ursus Warszawa (POL), Sokol Piniewy (POL), Panahaiki (GRE), Legia Warszawa (POL) and Poland National Team. Polish champion in 95 (Legia). 
Paulo Miranda - Paulo Miranda de Oliveira, number 8, defensive and offensive midfielder, 1,76 m, 72 kg, born in São Paulo (SP), in 1/25/1974. He has played in Paraná Clube-PR. 
Alex - Alex, number 11, ofensive midfielder. He has played in Bragantino (SP), Lousano Paulista (SP) and Atlético (MG).
Luisinho Vieira - Luís Henrique Vieira, number 10, ofensive midfielder and forward, 1,73 m, 68 kg, born in Criciúma (SC), in 4/4/1972. He has played in Criciúma (SC), Glória from Vacaria (RS) and Brasil from Pelotas (RS). Catarinense champion in 93 and the best goalscorer from Gaúcho Cahmpuionship in 97. 
Tuta - Moacir Bastos, number 9, forward, 1,88 m. He has played in Araçatuba (SP), Juventude (RS), XV de Piracicaba (SP), Lousano Paulista (SP) and Portuguesa de Desportos (SP). He has 22 years.
Bench Players
Antônio Carlos - Antônio Carlos, goalkeeper. He has started in Atlético's Sub-21 team. Taça BH Sub-21 Champion in 96, Paranaense Sub-21 Champion in 97, Tribuna's Cup Sub-21 Champion in 97.
Luizinho Netto - Luiz Idorildo Netto da Cunha, right wing, 1,83 m, 72 kg, born in Cachoeiro do Sul (RS), in 4/6/1973. He has played in Guarani-RS, Juventude-RS, Joinville-SC and São Paulo-SP. 
Pádua - Pádua, number 5, defender. He has played in Atlético-PR, Paraná-PR, Vitória-BA and raty-PR.
Douglas - Douglas Roberto dos Santos, defender, 1,95 m, born in Londrina (PR). He has played in Londrina-PR, União São João-SP, São Paulo-SP, Tupã-SP and Brazilian National U-20 Team. Tribuna's Cup Sub-21 Champion in 97
Gérson Caçapa - Gérson Cândido de Paula, number 5, defensive midfielder, born in 6/1/1967. He ha played in Palmeiras-SP, Bari-ITA, Lecce-ITA, Fenerbahçe-TUR, Istambul Sport-TUR and Brazilian National Team. 
Perdigão - Cleilton Eduardo Vicente, midfielder, 1,69 m, 68 kg, born in Curitiba (PR), in 6/28/1977. He has played in Paraná Clube-PR and in Brazilian National Team U-21. 
Adriano - Adriano, midfielder. He has played in CSA-AL. He has been Alagoano Champion in 1997. He has 19 years old.
Jorginho - Jorge Luís Pereira de Souza, midfielder and forward, 1,77 m, 67 kg, born in Goiânia (GO), in 5/6/1977. He has played in Goiatuba-GO and in Brazilian National Team U-21. Brazilian Champion (second division) in 95 and from The Toulon Tournament (FRA), playing with the Brazilian U-21 Team. 
Rodrigo - Rodrigo Fabiano Mendes, forward, born in Uberaba (MG), in 8/9/1975. He has played in Flamengo (RJ), Guarani (SP), Grêmio (RS), Kashima Antlers (JAP) e Flamengo (RJ). With 22 years old, Zico himself told to Kashima directors to sign Rodrigo. 
Kelly - Clesly Evandro Guimarães, forward, 1,78 m, 76 kg, born in Barra Bonita (SP), in 4/28/1975. He has played in Bragantino-SP, Logroñés-ESP and Flamengo-RJ. He belongs to Atlético (25%), to Flamengo (25%) and to Bragantino (50%). 
Other players

Goalkeeper: Wellington (from Paysandu)
Left wings: Josicler (from Madureira-RJ)
Defenders: Leonardo (from the U-21 team), Neto (from the U-21 team)
Midfielders: Marcelinho (from the U-21 team), Bruder (from Matsubara) and Renato (from the U-21 team), Willian (from the U-21 team)
Forwards: Silvinho (from Matonense), Valciclei (from the U-21 team), Varley (from the U-21 team), Joílson (from the U-21  team)

Players from Atlético that does not belong to the Squad

On a loan to the Chinese Soccer League: Luciano (wing), Renatinho (midfielder), Renato Martins (forward) and Rudnei (forward)
On a loan to Rio Branco (SP): Neto (right wing)
On a loan to Rio Branco (PR): Jadir (defender)
On a loan to Portuguesa (SP) (until dez/98): Alex (defensive midfielder)

Abel Braga - Abel Carlos da Silva Braga, born in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), in 9/1/1952). He was a defender with a good fisic form and strong leadership spirit. He has played in Fluminense-RJ (carioca champion in 75 and 76), Vasco-RJ (carioca champion in 77), Paris Saint Germain-FRA, Cruzeiro-MG, Botafogo-RJ, Goytacaz-RJ and Brazilian National Team (he was stand-by from Oscar in the 1978 World Cup). As a coach, he has trained Internacional for 3 times (second place in 1988 Brazilian National Chamionship) and Santa Cruz twice (pernambucano champion in 87). 
Technical Auxiliares
 Manager: Odivonsir Frega   Sub-professional cordinator: Aírton Rui dos Santos      Soccer cordinator: Luís Fernando Cordeiro Coach helper: Nílson Borges    Preparador Físico: Riva    Preparador de goleiros: Agnaldo     Masseur: Bolinha   Doctors:  Edilson Thiele, Murilo Ribas e Newton Santos   Nutritionist: Lili Phurin

    President: Mário Celso Petraglia

First Vice-presidente: Ademir Guimarães Adur  Second Vice-presidente: Ênnio Fornéa Júnior     President of the Conselho Deliberativo: Guivan Bueno    1° Vice-president from Conselho: Marcus Aurélio Coelho   2° Vice-president from Conselho: Vanderlei Micheletto    Director of the amateur football: Paulo Abbagge

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