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I am tired of this ATLÉTICO's page and I want to leave

Brazilians teams

ATLÉTICO: Other page about the Hurricane
ATLÉTICO: One more page about ATLÉTICO
ATLÉTICO: Official Web page
Criciúma: Tiger's page
São Paulo: Site about paulista three-color
São Paulo: Other page about paulista three-color
São Paulo: One more web site of paulista three-color \\
Internacional: Colorado's page
Portuguesa Santista: Briosa's Home-Page
Bahia: Bahia's three-color Home-Page
Fortaleza: Ceará's three-color Home-Page
Grêmio: Page about Grêmio, the last brazilian champion

Argentine teams

Rosario Central: The atleticans of minas know a lot of this team
River Plate: The team more times champion in Argentina
Platente: The argentine's CAP

Chilean teams

Colo-Colo: Great team of Chile

Israel's teams

Maccabi Haifa: The best team of Israel

Mexican's teams

Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara: The most popular team in Mexico

Organized supporters

Ultras do Atlético: Supporters from Atlético
Super Raça Gremista: Supporters from Grêmio
Máfia Azul Cru-Fiel Floresta: Supporters from Cruzeiro

Soccer in general

FutBrasil Home Page: The best brazilian page about soccer in general
Marlins Rot-Weiss Oberhausen-Seite: Site of a team located near Dortmund (Germany)
Futbol, Futbol y mas Futbol : Soccer links in every continent
Mailing list of ATLÉTICO: Know the news of ATLÉTICO
International links: A lot of links of soccer
Sports-Links: The web of sports
Futebol fora do eixo: Go there and vote in ATLÉTICO
Soccer Home-Page: Soccer around the World
Organized supporters: Organized supporters around the world
Rainer´s World of Soccer: Links to teams around the world
Solte o Verbo: Kick Globo Net ass
Liga Indonésia: Indonesian League

Web searches

Cade?: Big search engine of brazilian URLs
Yahoo!: The best search engine

General subjects

JRB's Home-Page: Met people in the net

Personal Home-Pages

Psicose's Home Page: By Vinícius Vieira Marcondes
Casa do Eduardo "Pinto": By Eduardo Pinto da Rocha
Greenfield Indiana Web Sites: By Phil Miller

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