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Everything that you ever wanted to know, but was afraid to ask

ATLÉTICO is known as HURRICANE because in 1949 it just smashed the other teams, won 11 games and lost just one, scoring 49 goals changed the way to play, developed idols. Like the really Hurricane, ATLÉTICO devastated everything and all that stay on its way.
The first paranaense champion was Internacional, in 1915. After that it became ATLÉTICO.
Alfredo Gottardi, the Caju, played for 17 years in ATLÉTICO, he never wanted to play in another team. In 1945 and 1946 he was the major team goalkeeper and junior team forward, he scored 5 goals. Caju only wore the brazilian national's team jersey, Paranaense state and ATLÉTICO's jersey. He really loved ATLÉTICO.
ATLÉTICO's supporters always scream "Uh! Caldeirão" (Caldeirão means Cauldron) when ATLÉTICO score a goal.
The President Jofre Cabral e Silva was the one who gave the nickname "coxa-branca" to coritiba's supporters. ATLÉTICO is know as Cartola and coritiba know as germans. Coritiba players were so white that Jofre started calling them "coxas-brancas", and today this also mean pig.
Sicupira was the best scorer in ATLÉTICO history, scoring 131 goals. In 1970 he scored 26 goals and at 1972 scored 30 goals, no other player has ever beaten him in Paranaenses' championships until today.
ATLE-tiba is the name of the game between ATLÉTICO and coritiba.
In 1978 ATLÉTICO and Colorado played in Baixada, at 75' the result was 0 X 4 to Colorado. Supporters were leaving the stadium when Ziquita scored the first goal to ATLÉTICO. At 79' Ziquita score another. It was the begining of a party in Baixada. At 81' Ziquita again scored one more goal and the stadium "came down". Supporters went back to the stadium from the streets, the crowd was "burning". And at 88' what nobody was waiting for, happened, yes, Ziquita tied the game. 4 X 4 unbelievable! Ziquita never shined in just a few minutes. It could be more, if Ziquita had scored another goal at 89' when the ball hit the post. Then it would had been too much to any heart. It was a victory with the taste of title!
ATLÉTICO beated coritiba in finals in 1943, 1945, 1983 and 1990.
Baixada is know as Devil's Cauldron because when ATLÉTICO plays there it just smash the other teams.
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